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Licensed * Insured

Any Window. Any Place.

We are up for the challenge of cleaning any window, anywhere in any season. We are only limited by our creativity and imagination along with OSHA regulations and the I-14 ANSI IWCA Window Cleaning Safety Standard. If it can be done safely and creatively, we are on it.


We provide window cleaning service to the Pacific Northwest's leading property management companies and building owners.  Pacific Window Cleaning is experienced working in professional office environments and can be counted on to quietly and unobtrusively take care of your window cleaning needs with little disturbance to business.



Commercial and High-Rise Buildings


Our Commercial and High-Rise service is available throughout Western Washington. We are competitively priced yet offer a superior customer service. We work courteously, neatly and with respect for the surroundings and building occupants.


We are fully insured, licensed and bonded. Our employees are well trained to provide quality service.


Are we competitively priced? Yes! You may have heard it said, "you can have service, quality or price; pick two".  Certainly, in the window cleaning industry, cheap can be expensive. With Pacific Window Cleaning, clients receive excellent results by professional service providers at fair rates. We are efficient, but never too quick to forget to do it safely. Choose the window cleaning company with generations of experience and happy customers - Pacific Window Cleaning.


• Aerial Lift

• Rope work

• Stage work

• Roof Rigging

Hospital, Office Park & Office Windows


The ladder is still used every day by our window cleaners. Every ladder we use is equipped with ladder levelers to use on uneven ground or on stairs. We have specialty ladders, including the traditional window cleaning ladder, to provide whatever solution is best to access the window to clean it in the best, safest and most efficient manner.

Storefront & High Frequency Window Cleaning


First impressions are the longest lasting. Customers often form an opinion regarding a business before they even enter the door.


We will set a schedule for your business that helps keep your first impression fresh, clean and inviting!  If you have a business for which a clean image is critical - restaurants, medical, professional, retail shop - we have programs to keep your windows clean. You can count on us to be there in all seasons and all types of weather: rain, snow or shine!

Why does Western Washington choose Pacific Window Cleaning to clean 1,000,000 windows annually?


1. RELIABLE – Since 1948, 52 weeks a year we have cleaned windows on time and on schedule.


2. PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS - We are family and now in our 3rd generation of cleaning Seattle’s windows. We take pride in our work and taking care of our clients.


3. EFFICIENT AND HELPFUL - We are available via office or cell phone - you get a real person to talk to if you have an emergency cleaning, want an estimate or have a question about your bill.


4. LIABLITY INSURANCE - We hope you never need it, but you have the security of our $1,000,000+ liability policy.


5. WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION - All employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.